Travel Information

Get the most important Travel Information regarding travel, stalking and shooting in Scotland.

Scotland is home to very variable weather. You can experience sun, snow and rain on a single day. During the Stag stalking in July to September days are often nice and dry. During the rut you should however always be prepared for rain. In November there is a high chance of snow, especially in the higher regions of the estate. We will keep you informed about the expected weather before you arrive.

In Scotland and the whole of the UK, cars drive on the left side of the road. Please always remember this, especially when arriving with your own car. The roads in the highlands are often narrow and require special attention by the driver. The road leading to the estate is a macadam road with some holes. It is however no problem to drive it with a normal car.

The Scottish electricity system is based on a 240 V AC current. You require a three-pole converter. These are available in the most supermarkets throughout the country.

We have a telephone and Wifi connection at Tulchan-Glenisla. You are welcome to use it at any time. Please be advised that there is no mobile reception at the lodge but your mobile phones will work on top of the hills surrounding the estate.

If you should wish to bring your own firearm we will gladly organize a Visitor Firearms Permit for you. For doing so we require your firearm information and a copy of your European Firearms Pass no later than six weeks before your arrival. We have a gunroom at your disposal for the safe storage of any firearm.

The estate has high quality shotguns and rifles available for guests. Please let us know if you would like to use them during your stay.

Scottish red deer are not as heavy as continental deer. Smaller calibres such as the .243 win. are sufficient.

You do not require a licence or hunting certificate to stalk or shoot in Scotland if a qualified stalker or keeper accompanies you. Any person wishing to partake in stalking on Tulchan-Glenisla needs to proof their shooting skills at our own range.

Our stalkers will prepare (boil and bleach) all of your trophies. You can take them with you directly after your stay. We will pack them ready for airplane transport. Upon request we will also cape the stags for shoulder mounts.

The Scottish highlands are often wet. We recommend light clothing that can be worn in layers. Stalking is a sport and therefore breathable clothing is the first choice. It often rains unexpected, therefore always carry a waterproof outer layer with you.

Please bring waterproof boots which are well broken in to walk on the uneven ground of the highlands.

Please ensure that your health and hunting liability insurances cover Scotland. We furthermore recommend a travel cancellation insurance.

Careful planning and organization ensures that your stay at Tulchan-Glenisla will be an unforgettable experience. We go through all the planning steps together with our guests. Please contact us at any time if you have questions or wishes.