Stalking Hinds

For those not interested in trophies or stag stalking, Hind stalking offers great sport at a competitive rate.

Stalking Hinds is often more demanding than stalking stags as the Hinds are much more aware of their surrounding. The hills on Tulchan-Glenisla help a lot to approach the herds successfully. On a typical day Hind stalking, guests can expect to have 2-4 shooting opportunities. We do not limit the amount of Hinds that can be taken and Hind days can be shared between two guests.

You can find the prices for Hind stalking in Scotland under #Pricelist#.

Stalking Hinds offers great sport at affordable prices. We do not have a limit on our Hind days. Stalking can be very demanding as the hinds stay in large groups and often in difficult terrain. For the fit sportsmen this offers exciting experiences in the highlands.