A Macnab in the Scottish highlands is the ultimate challenge for any sportsmen worldwide. From dawn to dusk you have to shoot a Stag and a brace of Grouse as well as catching a Salmon in the river. We are proud to have Macnab’s on the estate every year and enjoy taking this special challenge with our clients.

The Macnab begins, depending on the weather, early in the morning with the stalk or fishing. While we stalk the Stag and shoot the Grouse on Tulchan itself, we fish on a neighbouring estate. Our experienced Ghillie will accompany you to make sure you have the best chance at landing a Salmon. He will study the waters before your arrival and make the best plan possible for the day.

Every year we host the Ladies Macnab Challenge. For more information on this event for women enjoying fieldsports please visit

To achieve a MacNab you need to catch a Salmon, shoot a brace of Grouse and stalk a Stag all in one day. Tulchan-Glenisla is likely to be the only estate in the world to have ever produced a double MacNab.