Stalking Stags

Stalking Red Stags during the rut is one of the most exciting and traditional activities Scotland has to offer. The rut starts in the second half of September and lasts until the end of the season on the 20th of October. The rut will have its peak from the beginning of October until the end of the season. At Tulchan-Glenisla it is not uncommon to see several hundred red deer on a stalking day during the rut. The stalker will then decide which Stag is a suitable Cull Stag and the approach will begin.  It is possible to stalk two stags during the rut. This allows you to share your experience with friends or family and stalk together with them. Also out of the rutting season the chances for a successful stalk for Stags are very high. Our experienced stalkers know “their” deer and will make a successful approach possible in any season.

The management of our deer herd is done in a sustainable manner based on animal welfare standards. This resulted in an increase of good heads over the last years. We will shoot Cull Stags and old Stags which are over their prime time. The stalker will always decide which Stag will be taken. Sport and experiencing our nature will always have first priority over big trophies at Tulchan-Glenisla. With a bit of luck you will however also be able to harvest a “Royal”. In Scotland a Red Stag with 12 points is regarded as a Royal.

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Stalking Red Stags in the rut is the pinnacle in our sporting year. When the Stags are loud and the whole hill is active it is an absolute privilege to experience this natural spectacle.